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I have maintained a strong passion for authentic Indian cooking since my early childhood growing up in South Yorkshire.  Influenced by my mother’s cooking whom I assisted in the kitchen, taking in the aromas, watching and learning as amazing dishes were created for family and guests alike.  Growing up in a large Indian family with eight siblings, traditional Indian food was the norm and over the years I have taken and adapted many of these dishes to give them a contemporary twist, proving a big hit at many hosted dinner parties.  Good Evening dishes are unique, a modern take on traditional Indian recipes, passed down within my family for generations.



I use quality ingredients sourced locally and my aim is to produce authentic Indian flavours and healthy food using olive, avocado and rapeseed oil, wholemeal flour, lean meat and fresh vegetables.  I teach how to cook meat, fish and vegetarian dishes along with a selection of Indian wholemeal flatbreads, rice dishes, chutneys and sauces that complement these dishes.  My classes focus on understanding Indian spices, taste and the very best combinations of flavour.

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