Creating fabulous food,

making wonderful memories.

Sharing the love of Indian Cuisine

let me teach you the secrets of my authentic dishes 

Private Classes

Group Classes

Couples Classes

Cookery classes in epsom

Make a complete Indian dish from start to finish

We provide everything from the ingredients to the instructions and equipment you will need.

Full hands on experience

The classes are practical ensuring you will be able to prepare and cook the dish again with confidence.

Timing is everything to create the perfect flavour

The emphasis is on understanding the ingredients, what you should look for when cooking each ingredient, when to add the spices and how long to let ingredients cook.  It’s all about timing, flavours and using your senses to make adjustments.

Make it at home

Recipe cards are included and yours to take away.  All through the class you will be actively tasting your dish and shown how to create flavours.  More importantly you will learn how to balance flavours to get that amazing taste that blows you away. You take home the curry you make in your own containers.

Food allergies or intolerances

Please notify me of ANY food intolerances or allergies. I can cater for most of your personal requirements. Please contact me to discuss.

"What a wonderful, relaxed cooking experience. The aromas were just amazing. We left the curry until the next afternoon and wow, it was absolutely delicious. Flavoursome and so well balanced. Even the kids cleared their plates! Thank you! Definitely one I'll cook again!"
— Melandi van den Berg


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